State of the Consumer: How End-of-Year
Consumer Shopping Can Uncover 2023 Insights

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This holiday season, early consumer behavior is indicating decreased spending in Q4. With the uncertainty in the market, companies are asking a few key questions:

  1. Are spend-conscious consumers going to seek out more deals than ever on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
  2. What categories are going to be hit hardest this holiday season? 
  3. And what industries will rise above the impending recession this season? (And what are early indicators that a brand might fare well?)

Join Suzy’s Founder & CEO Matt Britton and MikMak’s Founder & CEO Rachel Tipograph for a conversation about shopping trends immediately after two of the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Tune in to learn how consumers shopped this holiday season, what they bought and where they saved, and how brands can incorporate these insights into their 2023 planning.


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